Mr. & Mrs. Sujka – Florida Wedding

Tim & Renee chose the beautiful One Ocean Resort & Spa for their wedding day here in Jacksonville.  When I walked into the Reception I was blown away with all the personal touches and details that they chose.  That room just poured out the love Tim and Renee share with one another! They are so fun, so energetic, and you could feel that from them the entire day!

Renee walked out onto the beach to meet her groom and they both had the biggest smiles…pure happiness even with all the rain! The ceremony was so precious & intimate that for a while you forgot about the rain!  I am extremely happy for them both…they share a joyful love and I know they will forever make each other truly happy! Congrats you two!

K.RaePhotography1 K.RaePhotography2 K.RaePhotography3 K.RaePhotography4 K.RaePhotography5 K.RaePhotography6 K.RaePhotography7 K.RaePhotography8 K.RaePhotography9 K.RaePhotography10 K.RaePhotography11 K.RaePhotography12 K.RaePhotography13 K.RaePhotography14 K.RaePhotography15 K.RaePhotography16 K.RaePhotography17 K.RaePhotography18 K.RaePhotography19 K.RaePhotography20 K.RaePhotography21 K.RaePhotography22 K.RaePhotography23 K.RaePhotography24 K.RaePhotography25 K.RaePhotography26 K.RaePhotography27 K.RaePhotography28 K.RaePhotography29 K.RaePhotography30 K.RaePhotography31 K.RaePhotography32 K.RaePhotography33 K.RaePhotography34 K.RaePhotography35 K.RaePhotography37 K.RaePhotography36 K.RaePhotography38 K.RaePhotography39 K.RaePhotography40 K.RaePhotography41 K.RaePhotography42 K.RaePhotography43 K.RaePhotography44 K.RaePhotography45 K.RaePhotography46 K.RaePhotography47 K.RaePhotography48 K.RaePhotography49 K.RaePhotography50 K.RaePhotography51 K.RaePhotography52 K.RaePhotography53 K.RaePhotography54 K.RaePhotography55 K.RaePhotography56 K.RaePhotography57

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