Mr. & Mrs. Flick – Illinois Wedding

Devon and Aaron’s wedding took place at Woodlawn Arts Academy. The day could not have been any more gorgeous as well as the bride 🙂 Devon and Aaron are absolute best friends and you can see that within the way they interact. It is by far the cutest love I have ever seen amongst two of the sweetest people. They both wanted to see each other before the ceremony, since Devon knew she would be emotional. I believe she thought maybe that would help the two of them so they wouldn’t be so emotional come ceremony time.  Well I don’t think it helped because there were just as many if not more happy tears coming from the both of them as she walked down that isle!

They also were both so relaxed and just took in every moment! I asked Devon for her jewlery she had planned on wearing that day and she handed me two pairs of everything. She wasn’t sure yet which ones she would wear…on her wedding day!!! I 100% adored her even more for that!!

Love is such a beautiful gift to have between two people and they both showed that to every single one of their guest that day! Congrats you two…

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