Mr. & Mrs. Demory – Iowa Wedding

Abby & Joe graduated from the same high school and the same class but did not know they were destined for each other until years later…years as in after college years! I love this story because it is very similar to my own. I attended the same high school as Abby and Joe and my hubby is also from the same high school. We did not start dating until years after college 🙂 Hmm..I am starting to wonder if its just something in our small town water!

Abby and Joe’s love for one another is undeniable…the way they look at each other, interact, laugh and how they fit perfectly together is so awesome!  I get goosebumps when I can see how much love is inside just through their eyes and that is Abby & Joe. Their wedding was gorgeous…from the beautiful ceremony to their fun-dancing-blast of a reception!  They are definitely two peas in a pod!


KristaRaePhotography1 KristaRaePhotography2 KristaRaePhotography3 KristaRaePhotography4 KristaRaePhotography5 KristaRaePhotography6 KristaRaePhotography7 KristaRaePhotography8 KristaRaePhotography9 KristaRaePhotography10 KristaRaePhotography11 KristaRaePhotography12 KristaRaePhotography13 KristaRaePhotography14 KristaRaePhotography15 KristaRaePhotography16 KristaRaePhotography17 KristaRaePhotography18 KristaRaePhotography19 KristaRaePhotography20 KristaRaePhotography21 KristaRaePhotography22 KristaRaePhotography23 KristaRaePhotography24 KristaRaePhotography25 KristaRaePhotography26 KristaRaePhotography27 KristaRaePhotography28 KristaRaePhotography29 KristaRaePhotography30 KristaRaePhotography31 KristaRaePhotography32 KristaRaePhotography33 KristaRaePhotography34 KristaRaePhotography35 KristaRaePhotography36 KristaRaePhotography37 KristaRaePhotography38 KristaRaePhotography39 KristaRaePhotography40 KristaRaePhotography41 KristaRaePhotography42 KristaRaePhotography43 KristaRaePhotography44 KristaRaePhotography45 KristaRaePhotography46 KristaRaePhotography47 KristaRaePhotography48 KristaRaePhotography49 KristaRaePhotography50 KristaRaePhotography51 KristaRaePhotography52 KristaRaePhotography53 KristaRaePhotography54 KristaRaePhotography55 KristaRaePhotography56 KristaRaePhotography57 KristaRaePhotography58 KristaRaePhotography59 KristaRaePhotography60 KristaRaePhotography61 KristaRaePhotography62 KristaRaePhotography63 KristaRaePhotography64 KristaRaePhotography65 KristaRaePhotography66 KristaRaePhotography67 KristaRaePhotography68 KristaRaePhotography69 KristaRaePhotography70 KristaRaePhotography71 KristaRaePhotography72 KristaRaePhotography73 KristaRaePhotography74 KristaRaePhotography75 KristaRaePhotography76 KristaRaePhotography77 KristaRaePhotography78 KristaRaePhotography79 KristaRaePhotography80 KristaRaePhotography81 KristaRaePhotography82 KristaRaePhotography83 KristaRaePhotography84 KristaRaePhotography85 KristaRaePhotography86 KristaRaePhotography87 KristaRaePhotography88 KristaRaePhotography89 KristaRaePhotography90 KristaRaePhotography91 KristaRaePhotography92 KristaRaePhotography93

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